Our Family Flower Farm

Our little family flower farm is located just a bit North of Thorndale near the Thames River.  Our multi generational family is the heart of The Wandering Bee, everyone pitches in to help in their own unique way to care for the land, the animals, the flowers, each other and the community. 

We absolutely love to bring flowers to the markets, local designers, your homes & local businesses.  Growing flowers is a true passion for us and with excitement we bring new and unique varieties to our fields each year...we love to hear about your favorite:) 

On a walk around our farms you would have a chance to stop and say hi to the alpaca, chickens, our donkey and the bees.  Our alpaca provide us with their extraordinary fibre and we are grateful for our donkey who protects the flock.  Our chickens, the vegetables that can be found intermixed with the flowers and our fruit trees provide nourishment to our family and friends.  

We have now been on this land for 6 years and are seeing the benefits of actively building our soil structure with compost, hard work and sustainable, organic, & regenerative growing practices.      

Growing flowers and working on the land with bare feet and dirty hands, brings peace, love & joy to us everyday!