The Wandering Bee

Paperwhites with free local delivery Wed Dec 23

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Includes 7 paperwhite bulbs in rocks in a 9" round gold hammered metal bowl.

These paperwhite bulbs are perfect to brighten up your home.  All they need is water & sunlight.  An instruction card is included with each arrangement

*keep bulbs gently nestled on the beach rocks

* fill water until it almost but not quit touches the bottom of the bulbs.  The sprouting roots will reach down to the water. Top up water as needed.

* Do not submerge the bulbs in water (this can result in rot)

*Place by a window with lots of light, they like cool

 * the roots will begin to form I-2 weeks and blooms will start in 4- 6 weeks

Expert tip: Paperwhites are naturally a tall slender flower.  If you would like to encourage them to stay a little shorter water then with a 1:5 mix vodka:water.  

free local delivery on Wednesday December 23rd.